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Fatigue is an issue some truck drivers refuse to recognize

No matter the degree of emphasis put on the dangers of drowsy driving, truckers often ignore the rules and put profit before safety. When it comes to a truck-car crash, the smaller vehicle loses, and the cause of that crash may very well be driver fatigue.

Common reasons for crashes

Preventing rear-end collisions is a priority for automakers

Rear-end collisions are not the only concern for automakers, there are many other kinds of car crashes. However, rear-enders are very common and can cause severe injuries. Safety innovations continue to improve, and car manufacturers hope that one day they will achieve the goal of zero car crash fatalities.

30 years and counting

Prepare for divorce and face property division with confidence

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you are now facing the prospect of property division, and you are dreading it.

The good news is that, if you take the time to prepare well, the property division aspect of your divorce proceeding will go much more smoothly than you anticipate.

An overloaded truck with a new driver could spell disaster

As a motorist concerned with safety on a busy highway, your first instinct would be to stay away from an 18-wheeler with overloaded cargo. The problem is, you would probably not see danger coming.

Trucks with overloaded cargo can be off balance and hard to control. If a new, inexperienced driver is operating the big rig, the potential for trouble increases.

Do you know what you should do after a car crash?

If you have never been in a car accident, you probably wonder what steps you should take if you ever have that misfortune. If you suffer a serious injury, of course, the matter may be out of your hands. Otherwise, you can gather information that will be very helpful to those who will have an interest in knowing what happened.

The importance of recording or jotting down accident details will only be topped by the need for you to seek medical help, no matter how minor you believe your injuries are.

How you can succeed at co-parenting

You want to raise a happy, healthy, resilient child. Your co-parent does, too. The great news is that you can do it – you have the ability and the desire.

Embrace the fact that co-parenting is not about your needs and what works best for you. For co-parenting to be successful, the focus must be on the best interests of your child.

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