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How can you prepare for a custody ruling in a Tennessee divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Child Custody And Support

For someone worried about keeping a relationship with your children after a divorce, the outcome of a custody case will be even more crucial than the division of property with their ex.

If you and your spouse reach an agreement and file for an uncontested divorce, a Tennessee family law judge will be the one who establishes the rules for your parenting plan. What can you do to prepare yourself for a custody ruling and the changes to your life that come with it?

Learn about the factors that influence custody

Understanding how the courts split up custody and what they look at when reviewing your family circumstances can help you present the best case in court. From how you articulate your relationship with the children to the way that you interact with your ex, many decisions that you make after filing for divorce can influence the custody decision.

Understanding the difference between physical and legal custody, familiarizing yourself with how psychologists establish the best interest for children and even trying to support your ex’s time with the kids can all help you get a good outcome. 

Attend a Parenting Education Seminar

Tennessee law requires that parents who divorce while their children are still minors attend mandatory educational sessions. The Parenting Education Seminar is a class or several class sessions that help parents develop tools to work with your children and each other during and after a divorce.

The goal is to help parents work with their children’s emotional needs and keep the focus on what is best for the kids, not just their own emotional vindication in the divorce.

 Try to create a specific framework for what shared custody can look like

Regardless of exactly how the courts split parenting time, there may be ways for you and your ex to make things that are customized to the needs of your children. Looking at your family’s names and the schedules of your children can give you a better idea about how to structure your parenting plan and work with your ex.

Accepting that shared custody is most common and that working together will be best for the kids will usually be a good approach to custody matters during your Tennessee divorce.


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