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The 4 deadliest types of car accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2019 | Firm News

Even though Morristown is a wonderful place to live and work, the area does not have many public transportation options. As such, if you call eastern Tennessee home, you likely drive dozens of times every week. When you climb behind the wheel, though, you must be careful to avoid a serious accident. 

Fatal car accidents are not exactly uncommon in the Volunteer State. In fact, in 2018, more than 1,000 individuals lost their lives on Tennessee roadways. To increase your chances of staying safe during your next trip, you should understand what types of accidents are typically the most dangerous. 

1. Off-the-road accidents 

By far, the deadliest type of automobile accident occurs when a vehicle leaves the public roadway and collides with a stationary object. As you may suspect, distracted driving, drowsy driving, inclement weather and damaged roadways contribute to this type of accident. 

2. Side-impact accidents 

The front and rear of your vehicle likely have dozens of safety features, including reinforced steel and crumple zones. The same is not necessarily true for the sides of your vehicle. If another car hits yours from the side, you have an increased risk of dying or sustaining a serious injury. As you may suspect, running red lights and failing to yield are common causes of side-impact collisions. 

3. Rollover accidents 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rollover accidents account for more than 10% of all traffic fatalities in the United States. If your vehicle rolls during a collision, forces may throw you in different directions in only a matter of seconds. Even worse, if you are not wearing your seat belt, the accident may eject you from your vehicle. 

4. Head-on accidents 

Head-on accidents occur when the front of your vehicle collides with the front of another one. While most car manufacturers have designed safety features to protect you during a head-on crash, physics make this type of collision extremely dangerous. 

Following any automobile accident, you must take certain steps to protect yourself. Still, you likely want to avoid a car crash altogether. While it is possible to die in virtually any automobile collision, some crashes are deadlier than others. By understanding why dangerous accidents occur, you can better plan for staying safe on the roads in and around Morristown.


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